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RigExpert ZERO II VNA Project Boards are among the most affordable vector network antenna analyzers in the world! Radio amateurs and DIY hobbyists asked for a measuring tool that can be easily integrated into projects.
The powerful 1 GHz VNA for embedded installation, Measures up to 1GHz– Instantly returns R, X, SWR & Return Loss values.

The ZERO II VNA is the DIY unit that meets this requirement and is intended for users who require flexibility, low-cost and small size. It has NO keyboard or readout, but this updated ZERO II VNA now comes with an onboard USB port to allow for a connection to a computer and is the best choice for a measuring device that you can leave embedded in a project.

The ZERO II VNA receives its power when connected to a USB port and optionally through its included power port. This Vector Network Analyzer has everything necessary on board: users can connect the ZERO II VNA Project Board to a PC and perform common measurements like Resistance, Reactance (signed), SWR and Return Loss in minutes.

The ZERO II VNA Project Board is perfectly compatible with the RigExpert AntScope software and experienced users may pair the ZERO II VNA with common Arduino boards to make their own hardware/software projects as its compatible with Arduino standards. With the right imagination, the applications for this amazing device are practically unlimited!

Here are only a few examples of using the ZERO II VNA Project Board in DIY projects:

-Make your own automatic antenna tuner using the ZERO II VNA Project Board as a replacement for the directional coupler

-Perform RF-circuit or antenna analysis remotely.

-Tune your antenna driven elements using the ZERO II VNA Project Board for fine-tuning.

You cannot find an analyzer that is this powerful for such a low price anywhere else. With the ZERO II VNA Project Board, the dreams of DIY radio amateur experimenters are now a reality!

Additional Features and Specifications:

Frequency Range: 100 kHz to 1000 MHz

Frequency Setting Time: 20ms

Measured Values: Resistance, Reactance (signed), SWR, Return Loss

Output Connector: SMA Female

Output power: -10 dBm

Power: USB or from 3V to 48V through the Power port

Operating Temperature: 32-104 °F (0-40 °C)

Interfaces: USB, I2C, SPI, UART

Dimensions: 1.181 x 1.575 x 0.157 in. (30 x 40 x 4 mm)

Weight: 1.058 oz. (30 grams) with battery installed

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RigExpert ZERO II VNA Project Board Kit

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