TEOAN - The Eye of a Needle

MixW 2.12 and later versions offer an unique feature of connecting a PC with TEOAN program and MixW RigExpert plugged to a transceiver into a local area network. 

Then, running MixW 2.12 on another computer on a network (or via high-speed internet connection) makes possible operating digital modes using that remote transceiver. 

Left side: computer (network name: dn-acer) running MixW software
Right side: computer (network name: dn-compaq) with MixW RigExpert connected. 

In the TEOAN program, set the virtual COM port number for MixW RigExpert and a TCP port number (the default value is OK in most cases). 

TEOAN settings at dn-compaq computer.

In MixW2, choose "The Eye of a Needle" as an audio device. Enter an IP address or a name of the computer with TEOAN running, and the same TCP port value.

Please make sure that the CAT port speed is set properly. See the TRCVR CAT/PTT dialog from Configure menu.

MixW sound device settings at dn-acer computer.

Note: the sound stream is not compressed, so no loss of quality is expected but on the other hand the data rate is high, up to 0.4 Mbit/sec (RX or TX) or 0.8 Mbit/sec for TX in full duplex mode. Usual 10 Mbit LAN is good enough for this application, but slow modem connections will not be able to handle such a big stream of data.

The TEOAN program is located in the MixW directory. Copy TEOAN.EXE from the computer with MixW installed to the other computer (create a  separate directory).

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