REAUDIO - The MixW RigExpert Virtual Sound Card

Using the REAUDIO driver, MixW RigExpert becomes a standard sound card, making possible operating digital modes with any sound card software. It was tested with MixW2, DigiPan, MMTTY, MMSSTV, MT63, STREAM, Hellschreiber, Argo and Domino programs.

The driver works under Windows 2000/XP (should work under Windows 2003, but not tested yet).

Supported functions: Audio in/out, CAT.

The driver files are located in the E:\Drivers\ReAudio\X.X.X.X directory on your MixW RigExpert CD (if the CD drive is E:). The X.X.X.X is the driver version, please install the most recent version of the driver. Please see the readme.txt file for installation instructions.

The driver is also available in zipped format (unzip in a separate folder):    -    version    -    version    -    version

Please see the  Set-up troubleshooting section for troubleshooting instructions in case of a problem.

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